Objective, Values & Morals



W.R.I.P.-Resource Center help women obtain their goals and manage their lives by using copings skills. 

The program is also designed to assist them with their everyday basic needs. 

The center will address any specific needs of the client and will follow up with them to ensure that the needs of the client have been met. 

The success of the resource center is measured by the progress of the client. 

The W.R.I.P. Resource Center must make every effort to keep account of the progress of the client. 

The resource center success or failure is measured by the progress of the client.

Values & Morals


We believe that all people have self-respect, significance, and prospective: therefore, we care for all community with admiration and we tribute their uniqueness and diversity.

We consider in the capability of all women to develop into their individual potential; therefore, we make available the utensils and the setting for women to use their aptitude and power to create their resolution.

Road to Independence


W.R.I.P- Resource Center works with hurting women to (Educate, Empower, & Embrace) through caring and showing support, and also we desire to help women by, shining a light on self-awareness, self-support & financial freedom and find their own method to ascend the mountain!


Fearless, Fabulous & Focused

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AMAZING WONDER WOMAN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM IS A GREAT PROGRAM TO GET INVOLVED AND LEARN MORE ABOUT: Proper etiquette, self-empowerment, home economics, child care, nutrition, and health care! Free to women ages 20-40.

Exciting live, learn & laugh......Starts Saturday January  26th, 2019 every Saturday.....

11000 W. McNichols Ste. 312

Detroit, Michigan 48221 downstairs 

Basement -Classroom A

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