Silence Hides Violence Charity Ball September 29th, 2019

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"Silence Hides Violence" Title Sorry Video

Domestic violence is a problem of epidemic magnitude with across-the-board penalty for individual victims, their children and their communities. Community let's STAND together and STOP the Abuse of Domestic Violence. 

Silence Hides Violence get help 

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1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY for Deaf/Hard of hearing)

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Sandra Experience with WRIP Resource Center 



Chelise experience with WRIP Resource Center 

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About Us

Our Mission

W.R.I.P. Resource Center help women by Educating, Empowering, & Embracing them to become Fearless, Fabulous & Focused



We have regularly scheduled sessions to assist women in reaching their personal and career goals through

  • Job Readiness
  • Career Dynamics
  • Computer Assistance
  • Career Corner Library
  • Individual Coaching
  • Dress For Success/ Etiquette Program (Launching Soon)
  • Referrals for Clothing, Food, and Shelter Assistance 
  • Resume Assistance
  • Bill Pay Referrals, (Financial Freedom) Workshops, Referral Counseling Assistance
  • Addiction Recovery Resources For All Walks Of Life
  • Health Care Referrals

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About Us

Women Renewed In Power Resource Center is one of the newest resource centers in metro Detroit, operating as a human service organization in Wayne County. 

Since 2008 we have helped multiple women re-enter the workforce and grow personally and professionally. 

W.R.I.P.- Resource Center prepare women to become economically independent and accomplish employment achievement, educational goals & also to make healthy life choices. 

W.R.I.P.- Resource Center meets clients where they are in their lives and coach them how to improve their situation in a non-threatening and nonjudgmental environment. 

We desire to aid over 100's of participants a year through individual coaching, career-building workshops, personal development classes, computer training, image consulting.

Want to be a Volunteer

Amazing Wonder Woman Empowerment Program 20/20

Educate, Empower & Embrace

Come out & learn more about:

Self Care

Home Care

Health Care

Child Care

Financial Care


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Fearless, Fabulous & Focused

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"Focus Hope Programs"

Flex & Gate

Come pick up a referral from WRIP's Office 11000 W. McNichols Ste. 312

Detroit, MI 48221

Pre Apprenticeship Training

Dasi & Focus Hope is teaming up to build a stronger workforce for the engineering and manufacturer industry

Commercial Driver License Truck Driving Program

Become work ready in 8 weeks through career training program that includes 4 weeks of readiness training @ Focus Hope and 4 weeks of CDL Class A License training at an accredited and state licensed Truck Driving School

You must have vaild driver license to apply

No Felonies within the last 10 years

High School Diploma / GED not required Start July 30, 2018, September 10, 2018

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W.R.I.P. Resource Center Work Readiness Referral Program

Additional Information

This training program prepares individuals for success. It targets those who have had trouble finding and keeping a job, regardless of the reason


Trainees enrolled in the Work Readiness program are assigned a Case Manager and Workforce Development Specialist at the start of program. Goodwill staff and the trainee develop a service plan to address any barriers to employment and identify a job goal. The trainee actively participates in various training activities in preparation for employment. 

This FREE program combines:


  • 4-week Classroom Training  
  • One-on-One Job Placement Services

· Coaching and Supportive Assistance

· Work Experience Opportunities 

  • Financial Stability Training and Support


To Qualify for the Program Persons Need to:

§ At least 18 years of age

§ Be motivated to become employed

§ Able to report at 7:00 AM for a paid work experience

§ State Identification/Drivers License and Social Security Card

§ If applicable, criminal history is of a non-violent or non-sexual offense(s)


Information Session

Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM

Call for a Referral 


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More jobs available with requirements ask for more information:




Richard Clay Hamilton #32



OUR RESOURCE CENTER WAS INSPIRED By Richard Hamilton and he is our founders Mrs. Luthan Williams favorite basketball player in the NBA.  


Consistency, Commitment, & Courageous to the end.

 W.R.I.P. Resource Center is Fearless, Fabulous, & Focused on helping our team win women to  become Educated, Empowered & to Embraced them to reach there highest potential in life.

"Thanks RIP"


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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Women Renewed In Power

Educating, Empowering & Embracing one client at a time!

W.R.I.P. Resource Center

11000 West Mcnichols Road Ste 312, Detroit, Michigan 48221, United States



Monday -Tuesday 10 am -6 pm

Wednesday 12 pm -6 pm

Thursday 10 am- 6 pm

Friday 10 am - 5 pm

Saturday-Sunday closed


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